Thursday, November 8, 2007

Lesson - 001

So you want to make a living from the internet.

well the buck stops here and the hard work starts today.

Lesson 001 Niche Finding.

you can go after any niche you just have to understand how much effort it will take to succeed and why.

The first thing I did was create a website and domain without thinking !!!

yes I make mistakes but not twice and that always makes you feel better knowing that if you can avoid common mistakes you are saving money.

finding a Niche as I have said you can dominate any niche its just the effrt involved in doing so.

Lets say you have found 20 keywords on Hot Air Balloons.

My first experimental site was on Hot air balloons and it can be viewed at

Not A brilliant site but it has lessons within it.

First one being the word Hot air Balloons not being in the domain name.

because the main keyword is not in the title it will be vey hard to promote this site to the top of Google.

This test site has been made for a few reasons.

one to look at the power of the website package i decided to use. This is called xsitepro and comes with its own videos and SEO report manager built in. The manual for this is very easy to follow and you can make websites very quickly back them up etc.

I cant recomend this enough.

I will be posting a link for the best web tools throughout the blog you can either use them or do your own research i'm just going to use the ones i know work.

Nowthis site hovers around the 20 - 27 position in google for the key word Hot Air Balloon.

if you do a search in google like this

allintitle:hot air balloons

you will see a result showing 34,000 or around this figure this was using the engine

then thats how many competition sites you have to beat so to do this week find
a niche or pick a niche find twenty keywords for that niche and total up all your competion and i'll start producing the next lesson.

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